Enjoy This Summer with BONUS ISLAND Promotions of Europa casino

This summer Europa casino has decided to give you summer, sand, and surf are all combined to give Europa Casino players a big amount of funds. There’s never been a time when you felt to look back and rest at Europa Casino, particularly if you’ve not ever visited before to play our hundreds of truly incredible online casino sport.  Any one who is new and one who is experienced are treated same with same grace. So this time also they have come up with BONUS ISLAND promotion to give you more entertainment and also to get a better chance to earn money. Also it is a better chance for all those who is trying to win at Europa casino.


In this summer offer if you wish to join you have to invest just $20 and with this you will get a $50 Bonus. That will be credited to your account as soon as you will make your first deposit with $20.Bonus IslandBut  before you sign up remind you have to use CODE provided for this BONUS ISLAND  so that you can avail  the benefit of  this summer promotions.  Coupon code for this promo is SUMMER.  When you create an account with this code and there will be $20 in your account you will find an additional $50 in your account.


With this bonus you will also become eligible for $2400 as a welcome bonus.  It will give you much better chances to earn some bugs with Europa Casino.  Along with this new bonus they have created more trill by launching two new slot machines.


These two are come up with names Wild Spirit and Silent Samurai. These are a five-reel and nine-reel Machine, with twenty lines. Both these games are created with quality so player can have a unique experience at Europa casino.


Wild Spirit, give you bonus rounds features with a shaman where players obtain insight into there futures, to disclose these insights, players should choose from a variety of symbols, and then obtain there rewards. Once player have selected symbol, they are rewarded three awards, sometimes, player will also find an unlucky symbol which will be indication of end of bonus round and from here you will directly go to free spinning reels.


While Silent Samurai is more interesting in which a player to face the ninja’s and defend himself from them. As much as ninja a player destroy he will get more prizes. In this version you can find gambling options as well.