New Avatars Coming Soon

Slot Machine games with New Avatars Coming Soon

Players call it cash machines and they consider it very easy and interesting to play. Everyday there occurs some new changes in this game. It is among top game of casino and anyone can learn it easily. If you are thinking now that it’s all about machine games, yes you have judged well and we are talking about Slot Machines. It’s interesting news for all casino players that Avatar’s will be introduced vey soon in Slot machines. It will be certainly a new reason to play more for all the top players who always like new versions of game. It will also create more thrills in gaming industry.


With couple of year’s effort you will find slot machine games in new avatars. The first these  Avatar slot machine games are played at G2E gambling expo last week in the capital city of casino Las Vegas.Slot_machine_games People in this tournaments found playing with these new avatar’s more than any other game and they also attracted everyone’s mind. It came as a combined effort from International Game technology and twentieth century fox.


These new avatar’s are high quality and wide screen games with excellent graphics features. A best feature about these games is 5 players can play at a time with new avatars. With video footage and individual features from the video woven into the game play; it will also be suggested in smaller two-seater versions.


There are two new versions of these avatar’s which will be introduced soon first one is a 70 inch model and another one is 103 inch model. Apart from these two versions there is a mini version is well that will take some more time before it can be introduces in market. This mini version is of 42 inch and only single player can play on it at a time. Earlier two versions are just ready to launch and their maximum probability of launching is October end or it can be beginning of November as well.


It will also give you a choice to start with just a touch on screen apart from traditional start button. These kinds of machine avatars are based on television shows, videos and movies because they are very popular since they are introduced. These are based on certain themes. So for all casino players they can have new choices to explore their enjoyment and gaming experience. Now you can get ready to explore these new games.